DevOps Consulting Services

Hire our experts to work as a devop consultant of your company to make best use of your organizational structure or to take advice to build or modify to a new organizational structure and the associated automation.

Utilize our managed services for DevOps consulting to scale up your company. These services provide efficiency & automation to make organisational changes to the public cloud simple and painless. Our solutions are created specifically to meet the requirements of our clients and are compatible with several Cloud platforms.

Concerned about a current project? We have a team of specialists available to start any unfinished projects. Once your project is finished, you can either choose to continue using our Managed DevOps services for any period of time or have our consultants train your team.

Team Augmentation

Piled up with pending task to accomplish on time? Hire our expert team of DevOps consultants so that we work on behalf of you as a support for you company.

Infrastructure Assessment

Based on industry’s best practises and our experience managing hundreds of infrastructures, we evaluate the current infrastructures and suggest changes.

Safety and Compliance

In order to assist you achieve your compliance and certification objectives, we can audit your current security policies and practises and offer suggestions for changes. Additionally, we may assist with problem-solving on your road to compliance and streamline those procedures for upcoming audits.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Leverage the advantages of continuous integration & delivery, and effortlessly minimize integration time, improve code quality, reduce project risks, and more. Also, get faster time-to-market & cost effective services.

Cloud Migrations

Moving from on-premises to the cloud? Changing to a different Cloud Provider? Our DevOps specialists can speed up your transfer and guarantee that your migration is carried out correctly the first time.

Data Analytics Pipelines

You may develop a pipeline for data analytics and transformation with the aid of our DevOps consulting services. With a focus on your company’s demands, our skilled engineers can create, deploy, and help with constructing or configuring transformation and reporting tools.

Monitoring, Logging, and Alerting

We adore being seen. So much so that over time, we’ve developed a thorough logging, monitoring, and modifying routine that has been quite helpful to our clients. Let our DevOps specialists assess your requirements and put together the ideal setup for your team!

Benefits Of DevOps Consulting Services

In contrast to hiring a full-time DevOps engineer, outsourcing your DevOps to needs to a DevOps firm such as OpSecured saves you money and frees up your team to concentrate on your projects while our seasoned experts get to work. Devops consulting is also recommended because it can improve
workforce contentment productivity, workplace culture, and other aspects.

Working With Opsecured As Your DevOps Consultant

Step 1

We arrange a phone session to talk about your needs, problems, objectives, strategies, and the availability of resources.

Step 2

OpSecured is given permission to visit your environments, or (after mutually agreeing to an Non-disclosure agreement) we arrange a second call with your technical teams to go through the current status of your infrastructure, DevOps methods, and strategies.

Step 3
Scope of Work

We establish a scope of work that includes specifics about the work to be done. Stakeholders and developers collaborate to determine the intended features of future software, the quality standards for each development phase, and the value of the CI/CD process flow.

Step 4
Plan of Action

The action plan is in place and work is planned after the Scope of Work is signed and the deposit is paid.

Step 5

Our engineers may communicate with your team in real time as they start working according to the creation of a shared Slack channel.

Step 6

According to the DevOps continuous testing practise, all software components and parts must be rigorously examined. Developers employ automated technologies for testing to speed up the process and gain insightful data.

Step 7
Final Handoff

We are punctual and our team’s responsibility for the release phase is the next step in the process. In this place, they manage changes, plan automatic releases, and secure all necessary release permissions from key parties.

Step 8
Next Steps

Customer accepts ownership or transfers operational responsibilities to the OpSecured team's Managed DevOps team for continuous assistance.

What People Say


Next-Gen DevOps for Salesforce is opsecured. It automates the creation of low-code applications, enabling both programmers and non-programmers to configure, test, and deploy Salesforce low code apps. When implementing and deploying Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing, Field Service Lighting, and Salesforce B2B Commerce, customers have discovered better efficiency and a shorter time to value.
The Kubernetes & Microservices Application Delivery Platform that is opsecured offers smooth administration of Production operations with all the necessary observability, security, and compliance baked in. It also supports the deployment of code across environments. The objective is to make the "microservices" application journey for any firm simple, quick, and highly profitable.