DevSecOps Managed Services

The evolution of how development organisations address security is represented by DevSecOps. In the past, a separate security team would “tack on” security to software at the end of the development cycle (almost as an afterthought), and a separate quality assurance (QA) team would test it. However, traditional security measures can no longer be used to combat new threats. The obvious solution to this issue is DevSecOps, which incorporates security throughout the delivery lifecycle rather than treating it as a separate and potentially optional concern. It offers various benefits, including the elimination of human error security risks and compliance standards.

Specialists in devops

Utilize the expertise of our large team of DevSecOps experts. Our team will collaborate with your every step of the way. They will become familiar to you by name and be available to help with everyday operational duties and inquiries as well as with any questions you may have.


We approach every implementation of our infrastructure on the Principles of Least Privilege and prioritise access control, intrusion prevention/detection, and audit trails. For many teams, it is a paradigm shift, but in a world where threats are emerging every day, it is the proper and safe thing to do.

DevOps management

You'll be qualified for our Managed DevOps Services once we've finished your DevSecOps transition, where we'll take operational control of your infrastructure so your team can concentrate on running your core business! All of your daily operational chores and alert response will be handled by us 24/7/365.

Implementation Management

Around your infrastructure and its distinct settings, we'll develop a full version control and configuration management package. From day one, you are the sole owner of the work, and you can keep tabs on our progress as we plan, construct, or upgrade your current infrastructure.

Monitoring, logging, and alerting

We have developed a thorough logging, monitoring, and altering routine throughout the years that has been quite beneficial to our clients. We will assess your requirements and create the ideal mixture to achieve your objectives. When a significant issue occurs, our team will move fast to recover as quickly as possible and maintain maximum availability on your behalf.

CI / CD Pipelines

The deployment pipelines will be developed to match the demands of your team and business in each scenario. We can also assist you uncover ways to streamline your processes so that your team can iterate more quickly and confidently.

Benefits Of DevSecOps Service

Adding DevSecOps results in the most reliable and secure software. Additionally, as security is a component of software development and cannot be added afterwards, it can aid in accelerating delivery of the programme. DevSecOps objective is to ensure quick and secure code delivery while bridging the common gap between IT and security. One of the least expensive ways to guarantee your product is secure and lessen the workload on the security team is to use DevSecOps concepts. This will also enable you to deploy software more quickly.

Working with OpSourced's DevSecOps Consultants

Step 1

We arrange a phone session to talk about your needs, problems, objectives, strategies, and the availability of resources.

Step 2

OpSecured is given permission to visit your environments, or (after mutually agreeing to an Non-disclosure agreement) we arrange a second call with your technical teams to go through the current status of your infrastructure, DevOps methods, and strategies.

Step 3
Scope of Work

We establish a scope of work that includes specifics about the work to be done. Stakeholders and developers collaborate to determine the intended features of future software, the quality standards for each development phase, and the value of the CI/CD process flow.

Step 4
Plan of Action

The action plan is in place and work is planned after the Scope of Work is signed and the deposit is paid.

Step 5

Our engineers may communicate with your team in real time as they start working according to the creation of a shared Slack channel.

Step 6

According to the DevOps continuous testing practise, all software components and parts must be rigorously examined. Developers employ automated technologies for testing to speed up the process and gain insightful data.

Step 7
Final Handoff

We are punctual and our team’s responsibility for the release phase is the next step in the process. In this place, they manage changes, plan automatic releases, and secure all necessary release permissions from key parties.

Step 8
Next Steps

Customer accepts ownership or transfers operational responsibilities to the OpSecured team's Managed DevOps team for continuous assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

DevSecOps—short for development, security, and operations integrates security automatically throughout the whole software development lifecycle, from basic design to integration, testing, deployment, and software delivery.

The platform for DecSecOps tools is essential for the maintenance and delivery of clients software. Deliverables for the business could be directly impacted by any downtime. Therefore, it is essential that this platform have high availability, which creates a requirement for managed services.

Because OpSecured is a small business, you can get to know your engineers on a personal level and collaborate with them as if they were your full-time co-workers. As opposed to the impersonal, nameless customer service representatives at “big box” providers, we genuinely become your

Your initial project will have a primary or lead engineer during on boarding or project-specific consultation. A knowledge transfer and documentation procedure will transmit that support to our entire staff once the installation or project is over, allowing anyone to jump in and assist as needed. Your options for assistance are never limited.

We do! We assume operational control of the infrastructure supporting your application as a Managed DevOps client around-the-clock. If any of our detailed monitoring and alerting metrics show unusual behaviour, the application or specific services stop responding for whatever reason, or both, our committed staff will be informed. We’ll jump in and take action on your behalf, doing everything in our power to solve the problem and get you online. After that, we’ll come up with a strategy for ensuring that the problem doesn’t arise again.